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Product Data Sheet

PRODUCT NAME:   AfterShock Soil Absorption Restorative

   Restores drainage to clogged and sluggish drainage fields and structures.
                      Eliminates odors.

   Multi-strain bacillus spore-bearing bacteria blend
                                            Proprietary bacteria-friendly, time-release oxygen source

PRODUCT APPEARANCE:   Tan and white free-flowing powder
                                           Earthy fragrance, not objectionable

HOW IT WORKS:   AfterShock becomes active in liquid. When introduced into a soil absorption area, AfterShock will restore drainage by biologically digesting the solid material that normally clogs systems. The oxygen source will accelerate the bacterial activity for an extended period of time, promoting unusually fast growth, reproduction, and biological activity of the organisms.

ADVANTAGES:   Bacteria USDA authorized
                          Non-hazardous, non-toxic, contains no EPA Priority Pollutants
                          Safe for the environment
                          Enhances aerobic bacterial growth
                          Reduces sulfide respiration
                          Detoxifies stagnant drainage areas
                          Prevents backups and eliminates odors
                          Extends the life of soil absportion area
                          Utlizes natural processes

APPLICATION AREAS:   Residential and commercial drain fields
                                      Cesspools and seepage pits
                                      Recirculating sand filters
                                      Ideal for use in conjunction with high-pressure water jetter
                                      Ideal for use with soil facturing equipment

DESCRIPTION:   AfterShock is a unique blend of laboratory-enhanced, naturally-occurring, primarily aerobic organisms that are type-specific to the various substances that typically clog drain fields and leaching structures. AfterShock also contains a proprietary, bacteria-friendly, time-release oxidizing agent that will accelerate the bacterial action of the organisms in the product to restore drainage in most soil absorption areas.

Unlike all other bioremediation products, AfterShock's  consortium of bacteria and oxidizer can be applied at the same time. The oxygen-accelerated bacterial action will quickly digest the organic solid materials that reduce the drain field's capacity to absorb water, effectively restoring drainage through a natural process.  The bacteria contained in AfterShock are authorized by the USDA, and have been treating septic systems around the world since 1976.

AfterShock contains no pathogens, acids, or volatile organic compounds. AfterShock is completely safe to store and use according to directions.

NOTE: AfterShock
process works best when all solids buildup is removed from the leaching facility mechancially. AfterShock will also work best when allowed to work uninterrupted for as long as possible. To accomplish this it is advisable to clean as much solid material as possible from the drain field lines or drainage structure mechanically, using high-pressure water.
Additionally, it is advisable to pump all tanks to provide a maximum retention time for the AfterShock to work.
1. Pump all tanks
2. High-pressure water jet the lateral lines or drainage structure (cesspool or seepage pit)
3. Dewater the soil absorption area by pumping out the distribution box until no water runs back.
4. (If possible isolate each line and treat separately to assure even disribution of the product.)
    Residential: Apply 18 lbs. AfterShock for up to 1500 gallon septic tank capacity, directly to the distribution box or septic tank discharge line.
    Commercial: Apply 36 lbs. AfterShock per 2000 gallons septic tank capacity, directly to the distribution box or septic tank discharge line.
    Cesspools/seepage pits: Fill cesspool or seepage pit 1/3 to 1/2 full with clear water. Apply 18 lbs AfterShock per 1000 gallon pit capacity.
5. For lateral lines only, run water (garden house or other source) into distribution box for 5-10 minutes or until lines are full.
6. Apply 1 gallon CCLS directly into the septic tank or down any drain in the house that leads directly to the septic tank monthly for 2 months, followed by monthly maintenance dosages of 1 quart CCLS down any drain in the house. It is advisable to alternate drains monthly to assure buildup removal in all drains in the home.
8. Have septic tank cleaned annually to avoid future problems.

can be used in conjunction with soil facturing and high-pressure jetting equipment. 
Store AfterShock in a cool, dry place
Reseal AfterShock package in between uses.