Simply the best, most cost-effective program for grease trap and drain line maintenance available


DrainMaster, when used regularly, will eliminate…


•Sluggish drainage

•Overloaded grease traps


•Slow running plumbing and waste lines


•Contaminated septic system or sewer plant

•Grease disposal problems

•Regulatory problems


DrainMaster is a scientific formulation of specific enzyme-producing bacteria that will digest the grease, oil, protein, starch, fat, carbohydrates, and cellulose that commonly build up in drains, pipes, and waste lines. DrainMaster will also greatly reduce the cost and aggravation created by grease trap waste.

Because DrainMaster is a biological digestant - not just an emulsifier - it is the most permanent way to treat blockages, buildup, and associated odors in drains, grease traps, septic systems, lift stations, and plumbing and waste lines. The microorganisms in DrainMaster reduce biological and chemical oxygen demand (BOD & COD) and total suspended solids (TSS), remove fats, oils and greases (FOG), and break down waste products into carbon dioxide and water released harmlessly into the air.



DrainMaster is available with an automatic injection system that completely takes the worry and guesswork out of one of the biggest headaches in any commercial kitchen:


The DrainMaster System utilizes a simple, timed metering pump to inject the exact right daily dosage into the waste lines and grease trap, and at the exact right time to provide maximum effectiveness. This peristaltic pump is ….




Merely install the timed metering pump into the pot sink, dishwasher drain, floor drain, or main waste line. There is no water supply required, and the entire unit runs on 110-volt AC power.

The only service required is to add a new supply of DrainMaster periodically, and the system will dispense enough grease-digesting bacteria to keep lines and grease traps…


•Free-flowing •Free of Buildup •Odor Free



•Completely automatic


•Decreases grease at the source


•Eliminates manual cleaning of grease traps


•Extends pumping interval


•Reduces grease disposal costs


•Eliminates emergency backups


•Eliminates odors


•Safe, legal and economical


•Requires no plumbing hookups or codes


•Eliminates regulatory problems and fines


•Out-performs other systems•



•Inexpensive to install and operate•



•Actually helps the environment•



•Contains no caustics, chemicals or acids•


Simply the best, most cost-effective program for grease trap and drain line maintenance anywhere!


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