Product Data Sheet

PRODUCT NAME:   BIO-REM E-D granular Grease Trap and Sewer & Drain Line Treatment

                            BIO-GEL gelpac Grease Trap and Sewer & Drain Line Treatment


PURPOSES:         Break down grease

                          Digests waste

                          Eliminates odors

                          Unclogs drains


USES:     Problem grease traps

             Commercial and industrial kitchens

             Overloaded plumbing and waste lines

             Sluggish sewer and leach lines

             Food, meat, and poultry packing plants

             Treatment plants and ATU’s






                                                                 Nursing Homes

                                                                 Hotels, Motels



PRODUCT COMPOSITION:               At least 7 strains living organisms

                                                    Standard plate count:       7.5 x 108 CFU/g (aerobic)

                                                                                           7.5 X 108 CFU/g (anaerobic)

                                                                                           1.5 x 109 CFU/g (total)


                                                    Enzymes present:             Amylase (starch degrading)

                                                                                           Protease (protein degrading)

                                                                                           Lipase (grease degrading)

                                                                                           Cellulase (cellulose degrading)


Organisms also present to degrade detergent, hydrocarbons, and to reduce sulfides.


APPEARANCE:     BIO-REM E-D        Tan powder

                          Gelpac:               Brown gel

                          Odor:                  Bran, not objectionable



BIO-REM E-D and BIO-GEL become active in liquid. The enzymes present break down organic waste into food for the bacteria present. The bacteria use this food to multiply and produce more enzymes. This cycle continues until the waste has been completely digested leaving the area free of solids, free flowing, and odor-free.


ADVANTAGES: Authorized by the USDA for use in federally inspected meat, poultry, and egg packing plants. Non-hazardous. Does not give off odors or toxic fumes. Will not damage or harm skin. Contains no acids, caustics, chloride, or organic solvents.


APPLICATIONS: (see label for recommended dosages)

Problem Grease Traps:

If grease traps are not properly maintained they become problems. Grease accumulates, hardens, becomes rancid, and causes foul odors. BIO-REM E-D contain bacteria and enzymes that directly attack the cause of the grease buildup and odors. BIO-REM E-D effectively eliminates the grease buildup and odors.

Commercial and Industrial Kitchens:

Grease is the biggest problem in most kitchen plumbing. Hot water dissolves grease and flushes it down the drain. As the water cools in the drain lines, the grease and other debris congeal on the interior surfaces of the lines. Garbage grinders compound this problem with food grindings that congeal with the grease to clog the lines. Failure to clean drain lines causes slow drainage, foul odors, and eventual stoppage. BIO-REM E-D removes the cause of the odors and clogging by digesting the grease and other organic waste in the lines.

Small Interior Grease Traps and Floor Sinks: Reduce or eliminate manual cleaning of interior grease traps and floor sinks. Apply gelpac directly to trap or sink monthly. Gelpac will dispense grease-eating bacteria as it dissolves. Gelpacs can be dissected to treat 50-100lb traps and sinks.

Sluggish Sewer and Leach Lines: Organic solid material should be trapped in a grease trap or held in a septic tank. If these are not properly maintained, solids will accumulate in sewer and leach lines. BIO-REM E-D effectively removes solids from the interior surfaces of sewer lines and unclogs leach lines when used in shock type dosages.


For other applications, consult your BIO-REM E-D distributor or contact our technical support department at





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