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The DrainMaster Pump

SPECIFICATIONS:             Pro Drain Chief II (Low Speed) by Viking Injector

DIMENSIONS:                   7” X 7” w X 6 1/2” d

ENCLOSURES:                   Input: 120 VAC, 5 Amps, 60 hrz

                                       Power Cord attached to unit

                                       (Optional Battery - powered unit available)

PUMP:                             Peristaltic type using 1/4” ID squeeze tubing

                                       Maximum lift - 20 ft vertical

                                       Maximum PSA - 40 lbs

                                       Feed Rate (low speed) - 4.5 fl. oz. (133 ml) per minute with 6 1/2                                        foot lift & push

                                       Minimum Injection - 1.5 fl. oz. (44 ml) @ 20 second run time

                                       Maximum run time - 3 minutes

PROGRAM TIMER:             24 hour repeat cycle - 1 minimum activation interval

                                       (optional 7 day timer available)

MOUNTING:                    Wall mount: double key (drilling template included)

                                       Surface mount: Rubber suction feet available

                                       Complete installation hardware and instructions included

FEATURES:                     Security lock with key

                                       Heavy-duty pinned lid hinge

DrainMaster Pump



Follow manufacturer’s installation instructions included with unit

To install in DrainMaster 5-gallon pail

             1. Remove safety caps from spout on lid of pail.

             2. Remove black, screw-on resealing cap.

             3. Pull ring and remove inner spout cap.

             4. Locate ring of plastic on spout.

             5. Using a sharp knife cut spout just below the ring.

             6. Break apart the three sections of snap-together dip tube and snap sections                    together to make a single 17 5/8” tube.

             7. Push the assembled tube through the spout, slotted end first (slotted end                    goes to bottom of pail, flush side protrudes approximately 3” above the                    pail lid. This will fit tightly.)

             8 Insert square plastic piece with compression fitting into protruding end of                    dip tube.

             9. Connect one end of tubing to dip tube compression fitting and other end to                     compression fitting on supply side of pump.

DrainMaster System Diagram





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